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Laudano Eagle Proj
Hickey Eagle Proj
Adam Casinelli Eagle Proj
Caleb Dudley Eagle Proj
Laird Eagle COH
James Carroll


  The following scouts earned the rank of Eagle Scout while a member of BSA Troop 474.

Please forward any project descriptions and/or pictures of the missing Service Projects to the webmaster.  
 Scout Year  Service Project
David Chapin  1957  
Wesley Hellegern  1957  
Michael E. McGuiness 1957  
G. Russell Hotchkiss 1966  
David Jacobs Jr.  1967  
Franklin Kurt III 1971  
Stephen Puslford 1971  
Robert Kallinich 1973  
James Boling 1974  
Michael Boling 1974  
Craig T. Wermann 1976  
R. Matthew Cairns   1978 Work Visiting Nurse Association Office, Painting & Decorating
David C. Cullison 1976
 William H. McKennan  1979 Set Up trails behind White Birch
Almond L. Nickerson  1981  
Kenneth R. Barker   1983  
Donald F. Berman 1984  
Michael B. Bryan  1984  
L. William Johnson 1984  
John W. Smagula 1988  
Toby  Clarkin             1991  
Ken C. Berko 1992
William R. Young 1993 Planted 2000 trees in West Woods to replace Hemlocks
Matthew J. Ryder 1993 Built Wheelchair Ramp
Watson 0. Goldsmith 1994 Foot Bridges in Nature Park behind Baldwin School
Richard William Brache 1994  Built trail kiosks in Westwoods
Benjamin R. Haverkampf  1995 Designed and planted flower garden
James “Jake” Otis  1996  Built and stained fence for Guilford Land Trust
John I. Young 1997 Extended fence in Guilford Land Trust
Thomas I. Mauzey 1997  Built Fireplace at Episcopal Church
Andrew M. Pappas 1997 Built trail bridges for wetland areas
Jonathan P. Ingraham 1998  Picnic Benches at Lake Quonnipaug
Jonathan Fenwick 1998 Garden area developed at Baldwin School
James S. Albright 1998 Garden area developed at Bittner Park
Michael Wegryn   1998 Bocce Ball Courts at Park in Guilford
Teague A. Lyons 1998 Replaced a crumbling asphalt walkway with a new brick one at
North Guilford Church.
Jason Young 1998 Stained other fence and glazed and stained windows at Whitfield House
Clinton C. Haverkampf 1999 Built an animal pasture fence at Dudley farm from period appropriate materials
Alexander M. Schoemann 1999 Built Message Kiosk at Whitfield House
Thomas Putzel   1999 Cleared area, installed and painted fence at Whitfield  House Museum.
Nathaniel Amendola  2000 Blazed trail at Dudley Farm
Joshua Eldridge 2001 Built Covered Pavilion at park in Branford
Phillip Genera  2001 Fenced in a pasture for Ox & Goats at the Dudley Farm
Davin Lyons  2001 Built a Goat Shed at the Dudley Farm
Arthur Aery III  2001 Built a Bench for a Bus Stop & landscaped in front of Congregational Church
Eric Petterson  2001 Re-blazed and cleared trail at Dudley Farm 
Arthur Miller  2002 Designed and installed hymnal racks in First Congregational Church 
Mathew Ingraham 2002 Built 2 bridges between Bitner Park & Baldwin Middle School
Jonathan Dudley 2004 Built a Trail Kiosk @ Braemore Preserve
Chris Federici 2005 Rebuilt & Improved Cross Country Trail behind Baldwin School
Alex Laudano 2006 Built a Split Rail Fence at the Monastery.  Laudano Eagle Proj
Sean Hickey 2006 Built a Bridge at the James Valley Preserve in Guilford Hickey Eagle Proj
Nate Braccio 2006 Grounds restoration project at Medad Stone Tavern Museum
Adam Casinelli 2006 Installed flag poles for service branches at the Guilford VFW
Adam Casinelli Eagle Proj
Matt Pecoraro 2006 Restored well head and fence at the Medad Stone Tavern
Rob Federici 2006 Renovated North Guilford Nursery School Playground
Caleb Dudley 2007 Built a Kiosk for the Guilford Fair Grounds Caleb Dudley Eagle Proj
Chris McCloskey 2007 Barn renovation at The Henry Whitfield Museum.  Cleared out under structure scraped and painted the building.
Domenic Casinelli 2008 Built a Barbecue and Patio for The Madison American Legion
Adam Clarke 2008 Built a Horse Mounting Platform for the Handicapped @ High Hopes in Old Lyme
Chris Terwilliger 2008 Built a Nature Trail and Environmental Science Teaching kit
@ Guilford Lakes School for the Science classes
Alex Jagielski 2009 Railroad Crossing and trail repair for Handicapped Horse Riders
@ High Hopes in Old Lyme
Michael Heinemann 2009 Split Log Benches and Parking Lot Fences for the Braemore Parking Lot
Matt Brechlin 2009 Braemore Parking Lot and apron onto route 77
Derek Malinowski 2009 20 foot and 24 foot trail bridges in the Timberlands
Greg Laird 2009 Kiosk at High Hopes in Old Lyme Laird Eagle COH
Mike Ficorilli 2010 Trail to Bluff's Head - Part of Blue Trail System
Andrew McCloskey 2010 Fencing, Painting & Safety Enclosure @ Henry Whitfield Museum
Patrick Conrad 2011 Built 3 Kiosk's for Jared Elliot Preserve
James Carroll 2011 Rebuilt a horse coral at the Medad Stone Tavern Museum
James Carroll Eagle Project
Taylor Clark 2011 Ramp and railing for handicapped from parking lot into Bethel Assembly for God
Andrew Dudley 2011 Built a New Boat Rack at Jacobs Beach and Landscaping
Andrew Wolek 2011 Painted Branford United Methodist Church
Dylan Van Steenbergen 2012 Constructed & installed 2 recycling centers for Dudley Farm
Matt Terwilliger 2012 Built a double size Boat Rack @ Jacobs Beach
David Slattery 2012 Constructed a skill station for the handicapped on horseback @ High Hopes
Zachary Clark 2012 Installed Snow Flags on all of the fire hydrants in Guilford
Court Chapman 2012 Built a Boat Rack at Jacobs Beach
Sam Edgerton 2012 Built a Fence around the Bluff's Head Parking Lot and Landscaped the area.
Morgan McMahon 2012 Built Jousting station, Chimes Station and aboriginal rock painting at High Hopes.
McMahon Eagle Project
Paul Ehrlich 2013 Rebuilt and enlarged Church Playground
Brian Wolek 2013 Built a Playground for the Branford United Methodist Church.  Restored a wooden arc.

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